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                                            Plan of the Improved Part of the City of Philadelphia 1762 reprint, 1858 [Of 610 1762 S-1a].

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania has extensive holdings on the history of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, including hundreds of useful handbooks, guides, and histories. In addition to the published holdings listed here, researchers can delve deeply into manuscript collections that shed light on the area's history.

The following is a very small sampling of the Society's resources related to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania history. For a broader look at HSP's holdings, search our online catalog for "Pennsylvania"; "Philadelphia"; other town, township or county names; or other locations and landmarks that may provide insights into your research topic. You can also contact a Reference Librarian for further assistance.



General Overview

Alotta, Robert. Mermaids, Monasteries, Cherokees and Custer: The Stories Behind Philadelphia Street Names. (Ref F 158.67 .A1 A45 1990)

Bibliography of Pennsylvania History. (Index Z 1329 .P3933)

Collins, Herman. Philadelphia: A Story of Progress [in 4 vols.]. (Ref F 158.3 .C6 1941)

Daly, John. Descriptive Inventory of the Archives of the City and County of Philadelphia. (RDesk CD 3478 .P5 A5 1980)

Espenshade, A. Howry. Pennsylvania Place Names. (Ref F 147 .E75 1969)

Fairbairn, G. Don. Philadelphia: Fabulous City of Firsts, Where the U.S.A. Started, and Just About Everything(UPA/Ph F 158.35 .F25 1976)

Hoenstine, Floyd G. Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research in Pennsylvania. (Z 1329 .H73 1978)

Jackson, Joseph. Encyclopedia of Philadelphia [in 4 vols.]. (Ref F 158.3 .J15 1931)

Moak, Jefferson. Philadelphia Street Name Changes. (Ref F 158.67 .A1 M63 2001)

Munger, Donna B. Pennsylvania Land Records: A History and Guide for Research. (REF F 149 .M85 1991)

Oberholtzer, Ellis. Philadelphia: A History of the City and Its People [in 4 vols.]. (UPA/Ph F 158.3 .O12 1912)

Pennsylvania Archives [multiple series]. (UPA F 146 .P41) This series is also available on for free; registration may be required.

Pennsylvania Gazette [facsimile of Colonial newspaper, 1729-1777]. (INDEX UPA/Ph AN 51 .P46 P48w)

Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine. (UPA F 146 .G32)

Pennsylvania History(UPA F 146 .P597)

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. (UPA F 146 .P65) This HSP journal is also available on JSTOR. Click here to learn more.

Philadelphia Maps, 1682-1982: Townships, Districts, Wards(Ref G 1264 .P5 D3 1996x)

Scharff, J. Thomas, and Thompson Westcott. History of Philadelphia 1609-1884 [in 3 vols.]. (Ref F 158.3 .S4 1884)

Wainwright, Nicholas B. Philadelphia in the Romantic Age of Lithography. (REF NE 2311 .P5 W3 1970 Folio)

Watson, John F. Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania [in 3 vols.]. (Ref F 158.3 .W75 1887)

Weigley, Russell F. Philadelphia: A 300-Year History. (UPA/Ph F 158.3 .P5664 1982)

Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine(UPA F 146 .W52)

Western Pennsylvania History. (UPA F 146 .W52)

Young, John R. Memorial History of the City of Philadelphia [in 2 vols]. (UPA/Ph F 158.3 .Y8 1895)

People of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

Davis, Allen Freeman. The Peoples of Philadelphia. (F 158.9 .A1 D38x)

Jordan, John W., ed. Colonial Families of Philadelphia. (REF F 158.25 .J6 1911)

Morris, Charles, ed. Makers of Philadelphia. (UPA/Ph F 158.25 .M87 1894 FOLIO)

Simpson, Henry. The Lives of Eminent Philadelphians, Now Deceased. (UPA/Ph F 158.25 .S61 1859)

Winslow, Stephen Noyes. Biographies of Successful Philadelphia Merchants. (UPA/Ph F 158.25 .W78 1864)

In addition, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission offers extensive online information about Pennsylvania's governors.

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