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                                                           Jesse Johnson Civil War diary, 1861-1864 [Am .6964]


Civil War collections at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania are excellent primary resources that offer eyewitness accounts and reveal the fears, prejudices, and heroism of the individual soldier, as well as the deprivation and destruction of civilian life, in America's most devastating conflict to date.

The following list is an in-house guide to the various Civil War-related manuscripts and newspapers available at HSP. This guide is not an every-name index, since the Simon Gratz and Ferdinand J. Dreer autograph collections alone contain letters from hundreds of individual Union and Confederate officers. Each of these soldiers is alphabetically listed within HSP’s manuscript card catalog (PC-1). However, those soldiers with a significant number of letters have been included within this guide.

The purpose of the Civil War Guide is to function as a research tool, for both scholar and laypeople alike, to all diaries and large letter collections. It is also intended to direct researchers to miscellaneous Civil War-related manuscripts, such as muster rolls, bounty papers, and organizations such as the Volunteer Refreshment Saloons, etc. Regrettably, this is not an annotated guide to the Civil War collections at HSP.

To facilitate research, this list includes the following data (where known): collection name, collection dates, collection numbers, and (when known) soldier's name, rank, company, regiment, and branch of service. The Civil War Guide is not exclusionary, restrictive, nor elitist in its approach to which individuals are contained within the list. All soldiers, regardless of rank, both Confederate and Union, are included. Samuel P. Bates’s 10-volume History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers: 1861-65 (Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Publishing Company, 1993) was utilized to verify each soldier's military record. In many cases, only by examining each individual collection could identification of soldier and his service be proven.

The Civil War Guide should be used in conjunction with HSP’s online catalog, finding aids, and card catalog entries. Various published works such as individual unit regimental histories and the multi-volume set known as the Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies, should also be utilized.

For a fairly comprehensive listing of published Civil War resources available at HSP, consult our online Military Records resource guide. Also, for a general introduction to Civil War research, see the hand-out, “Civil War History at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania” (available here).

Diaries, Letters, Reminiscences, and Papers [Alphabetical]

Collections and Resources

Diaries, Letters, Reminiscences, and Papers [Alphabetical]

Acton, Edward A. Papers, 1861-1862 (Collection 1910). Letters to wife, Mary E. (1861-62). Company F, 5th Regiment New Jersey Infantry.  [These letters have been published in PMHB (Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography). Vol. 89, No. 1 (Jan. 1965): 3-51).]

Allen, William Frederick. Correspondence, 1860-1865 (Collection 1919). Letters (1860-65). Company F, 38th Pennsylvania Regiment, 9th Reserve, transferred to First U.S. Cavalry.

Alloway, John W.  Diary, 1863 (Am .0075). Battery 'B,' 43rd Regiment, First Pennsylvania Artillery.

Baker, Enoch J.  Letters, 10 November 1861 to 30 December 1862 (in Society autograph collection, Collection 22A).  110th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Barr, Capt. John P.  Diaries, 22 June 1862 to 1 May 1865 (Am .6566). Company 'L,' Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry, 64th Regiment.

Bate, Henry C.  Letters to wife Ella, 1862-1865 (in Society autograph collection, Collection 22A).  First Confederate Cavalry.

Beale, Joseph Boggs. Papers collected by Arthur Colen, 1856-circa 1973 (Collection 2007) Diaries, 1857-1865.  33rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia, Company 'D,' 2nd Regiment, Blue Reserves of Philadelphia. View finding aid

Bennett, Lt. Col. Frank T. Diary, 1862 (Collection 3041).  55th Pennsylvania Infantry. View finding aid.

Berger, John R (of Bernville, Berks County, PA).  Diary, 1862-63 (Am .0211).  Company 'G,' 151st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Betts, Capt. Charles Malone.  Letters, 1862-64 (Collection 1889).  Company 'F,' 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 160th Regiment (the "Anderson Cavalry").

Biddle, James Cornell. Letters, 1861-1865 (Collection 1881). 1st Lieutenant.Letters to wife, Gertrude G. Meredith, 1861-65. Companies C & K, 27th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Biddle, William F. Papers, 1861-1876 (Collection 3181). Aide-de-camp to McClellan.

Blackburn, Private William.  Letters, 22 November 1861 to 10 April 1862 (in Society small collection, Collection 22B).  Anderson Troop, Independent Cavalry Company. View finding aid

Boos, Louis J.  Reminiscences, 1870 (in HSP collection of Civil War papers, Collection 1546).Company 'B,' 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry. View finding aid

Boyts, Franklin.  Diaries, 1862-1865 (Am .13752) Company 'C,' 142nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Brady, James W. Typescript: Harpers Ferry, 1863. (in Society of Union Army records, Am.6695, volumes 1-3).

Brooke, John Rutter. Papers, 1767-1918, undated (Collection 78). View finding aid

Broomall, John M. Papers, 1864-1868 (Collection 1512). Broomall served as a U.S. representative from Delaware County from 1863-1869, and some letters describe conditions in the southern states during Reconstruction.

Brown, Andrew. Correspondence, 1862-64 (Collection 82). Company C, 91st Pennsylvania Infantry.

Buchanan, James. Papers, 1783-1895 (Collection 91; see also microfilm number XR 506:1-60). Buchanan served as president of the United States from 1857-1861. View finding aid

Buckley, D. Penrose. Papers, 1861-1940 (Collection 1775). Letters to his family while serving with the 3rd New Jersey Volunteers during 1861-1862.

Cadwalader, Lt./Capt. Charles Evert.  Letters.  (in Cadwalader family Papers, Collection 1454, Box 541) Companies 'D' & 'H,' 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry.  View finding aid

Cadwalader, Gen. George.  Correspondence, 1861-1865 (in Cadwalader family Papers, Collection 1454, Boxes 411, 438-445, Volumes 107-109) Discusses issues such as court martials and the Whitehall Bucks Company PA Military Hospital.  View finding aid

Carpenter family. Papers, 1695-1915 (Collection 115). Brigadier-General Louis H. Carpenter. 6th U.S. Cavalry. View finding aid

Cavada, Capt. Adolph F. Diary, 1861-1863 (Collection Am .6956).  Company 'C,' 23rd Pennsylvania Infantry.

Chase, Salmon P. Papers, 1824-1884 (Collection 121). Chase served as secretary of the Treasury from 1861-1864 and then as chief justice of the Supreme Court from 1864-1873. View finding aid

Clark, Corp. Thomas. Letters, 1864 (In Society small collection, Collection 22B). Company 'C,' 97th Pennsylvania Infantry. View finding aid

Clark, William J.  Scrapbook, 1839-1889 (Am .0445). Contains Civil War letters.

Clay, Capt./Lt. Col. Cecil. Papers (Collection 1642).  Company'K,' 58th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Coleman, G. Dawson; Charles B. Forney. Letter copybooks, 1856-1870 (Accession number 2002.057).  Coleman owned the Lebanon Forge, North Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and was generous benefactor of Pennsylvania's 93rd Regiment during the Civil War. Includes information on iron production during the Civil War.

Collins, Capt. John M.  Muster, Pay Rolls, etc. (Collection 3243).  Company 'F,' 58th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Collis, Col. Charles H.T.  Letterbooks, 1863-65 (Am .04723, Volumes 1-3).  114th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.  See also the John Meredith Read Papers (Collection 1668) for a series of Collis's letters, 1862-1864, concerning court martial, etc., and correspondence, 1860-1873.

Colton, William F. Diaries, 1862-1918 (Am .10246). Colton was a Union soldier in the Pa Cavalry.

Congdon, James A. Letters, 1862-1865 (Collection 1620). Lieutenant Colonel.12th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 113th Regiment

Cooke, Jay. Papers, 1831-1906 (Collection 148; see also MFilm Z 6616 .C66 J39 1997). Financier of the Civil War, etc. View finding aid

Coolidge, Richard H. Letterbook, 1862-1917 (Am .6698). Served as a Union Medical Inspector from 1862 to 1865.

Cornett, Corp. James A. Letters, 1861-65 (in Jane Cornett Papers, Collection 1749).  Company 'F,' 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 65th Regiment.

Cornett, 1st Lt. Joseph P. Letters, 1862-65 (in Jane Cornett Papers, Collection 1749).   Company 'G,' 176th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment & Company 'E,' 199th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Corson, Edward F. Papers, 1859-1933 (Collection 1929). Corson was commissioned as an assistant surgeon in the Navy, and served on the U.S.S. Hartford in the East India Squadron, 1859-1861.

Coxe, Charles Henry. Letters, 1861-1866 (Accession number 2002.030) Letters from Charles Henry Coxe, a Harvard student, to his brother Frank Morrell Coxe in Philadelphia.  Both Charles and Frank, enlist as commissioned officers, in units of colored troops. Charles joined the 24th U. S. C. T. Frank joined as Second Lieutenant in the 87th U. S. Colored Infantry.

Cozens, William Barr Nash. Papers, 1864-1900 (Collection 1772). Cozens was a Philadelphia merchant accused of defrauding the U.S. government in a contract to supply tents during the Civil War.

Davis, William Watts Hart. Papers, 1809-1908 (Collection 1837). Davis recruited the 104th Regiment PA Volunteers; collection also includes data on the 11th Maine, 56th New York, 52nd PA, and 104th PA regiments.

Dickson, Chaplain Robert (Presbyterian Minister, Lawrence Company, PA.).  Diary, 1864 (Am .66956).  100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Diller, Maj. William S.  Papers (Collection 173).  Company 'F,' 76th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Dougherty, Daniel.Diaries, 1863-1864 (Am .6702). Company H, 63rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Drayton, Percival.  Letters, 1860-1865 (in Drayton family Papers, Collection 1584).  Union Naval Officer. View finding aid

Drayton, Thomas Fenwick.  Letters, 1860-1865 (in Drayton family Papers, Collection 1584).  Confederate Brigadier-General. View finding aid

Drayton, William Heyward.  Letters, 1848-1862 (in Drayton family Papers, Collection 1584). Correspondence with Percival and Thomas Drayton. View finding aid

Fallmer (Follmer), John D. Diary and memoir, undated. (Accession number 2003.084)  Collection consists of a re-copied diary from 1862-1865 and a memoir of the Battle of Gettysburg, both written by John D. Fallmer (possibly Follmer) of Company F, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry. HSP also has a typed transcript of his diary (Am .66910).

Fisher, Elizabeth R.  Incoming Civil War correspondence, 1861-1865. (in Wister and Butler Families Papers, Collection 1962, Box 29, folders 14-17). View finding aid

Foering, John O.  Diary/Papers (Am .06823).  28th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Fox, Isaac. Papers, 1863-1869 (Collection 1502). Sergeant. Company F, 114th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Frailey, Commodore James Madison. Civil War Papers, 1861-66 (in Floyd T. Starr collection, Collection 1758, folder 4).

Geary, Maj. Gen. John White.  Correspondence,1859-1865 (in Geary family Papers, Collection 2062).  Also included are the letters of his son, Lt/Capt. Edward R. Geary, Knap's Independent Battery 'E' & Hampton Battery "F”. View finding aid

Gibbon, John. Papers, 1845-1892 (Collection 2031). Brigadier-General. Includes letters to his wife (1862-65) and on the commissioners surrender at Appomattox. View finding aid

Grier, Helen S. Diary, 1862-1863 (Am .6090). Civil War Diary of a woman serving with the U.S. Christian Commission (Nov. 21, 1862-June 6, 1863).

Griffith, Richard. Diaries, 1862-63 (in Mrs. Irvin H. McKesson Papers, Collection 1542). Companies 'D,' & 'G,' 23rd Infantry Regiment.

Gummere, Capt. John. Diaries, 1863 (Am .07086).  Landis Battery, 1st Philadelphia Artillery.

Hale, Charles. “Recollections of Battles of Gettysburg and Antietam.” (in John Rutter Brooke Papers, Collection 78, Box 18, folder 6). View finding aid

Hale, Capt. John H., Asst. Quartermaster of the U.S. Papers, 1860-1865 (Collection 1925).

Hall, J. Noel.  Letters, 1859-1863 (in Society autograph collection, Collection 22A)  Companies 'A,' & 'K,' 12th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Heckman, Charles A. Papers (Collection 1809). Heckman commanded Union troops in eastern North Carolina.

Hemingway, Anson T. Papers, 30 November 30 1863-8 October 1865 (in Claude Unger collection, Collection 1860A, Box Har-Hi).

Harris, E. N. (Mrs. John Harris, secretary), “Extracts from the Third report of the Ladies Aid Society, Philadelphia PA”; and “Anecdotes of our wounded and dying soldiers in the Rebellion,” May-August 1862 (in Society autograph collection, Collection 22A).

Henry, Alexander. Papers, 1851-1879 (Collection 278). Henry served as mayor of Philadelphia throughout the Civil War. View finding aid

Hey family. Papers, 1817-1896 (Collection 1876). Members of the Hey family ran a clothing company that fulfilled many clothing contracts for the Union Army.

Hopkinson, Col. Oliver.  Letters, 1861-1863 (in Hopkinson Family Papers, Collection 1978, Volume 19).  1st Regiment Delaware Infantry (also in the 51st Pennsylvania Militia Regiment). View finding aid

Humphreys, A. A. (Andrew Atkinson). Papers, 1708-1930 (Collection 304). A career military man, Humphreys served as chief of staff for General George G. Meade in 1863 and 1864, and later commanded the 2nd and 3rd Army Corps. View finding aid

Huntly, John C.  Diary, June-October, 1863 (Am .085265)  U.S.N., U.S.S. Pensacola, Mann's Independent Company PA Militia Infantry.

Irwin, Capt. John.  Diaries, 1863-1865 (Am .085302, Volumes 1-3)  Company 'B,' 149th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Israel, W. P.  Letters, 1861-62 (in Society miscellaneous collection, Collection 425).  1st Ohio Artillery. View finding aid

Jackson, Samuel. Correspondence, 1838-1888 (Collection 315). Letters to wife, Kate, in Boston (1862-1863). Medical Officer in the U.S.N., U.S.S. Brooklyn.

Johnson, Jesse (of New Salem, Fayette County, PA).  Diary, November 1861-July 1864 (Am .6964). Company 'C,' 2nd Regiment West Virginia Cavalry.

Johnson, Jesse.  Diary, 14 July1862 to 14 April 1863 (in Society miscellaneous collection, Collection 425).  7th West Virginia. View finding aid

Johnston-Harris family papers, 1776-1935 (Collection number 3037) Contains papers of John Campbell Harris, a lieutenant in the U.S. Marines during the Civil War. View finding aid.

Jones, Daniel D, Quartermaster.  Papers, 1862-63 (in HSP collection of Civil War Papers, Collection 1546, Box 6).  88th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. View finding aid

Jones, Capt./Col. Owen.  Letters, 1861-63 (in Jones family Papers, Collection 1301).  Company 'B,' 1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Reserve Cavalry, 44th Regiment. View finding aid

Jones, William Thomas.  Typescript of letter (Am .6697).  Company 'H,' 23rd & 61st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiments.

Jordan, Col. Thomas J.  Civil War letters [to wife Ella], 1861-66 (Collection 2066).  9th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Judd, Frank S.  Diary, 1865 (Am .19255).  Union soldier aboard the U.S.S. Grand Gulf.

Justice, Jefferson. Papers, 1862-1891 (Collection 1302). Quartermaster (railway official).100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. View finding aid

Kapp, Samuel S. Family Papers, 1861-1863 (Collection 3066). 10th Reserve, 39th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. View finding aid

Kappler, Corp. Jacob C.  Letters [in German] (in Society autograph collection, Collection 22A).  Company 'D,' 99th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Kendig, Abraham.  Letters, 1861-64 (in Society small collection, Collection 22B).  Company 'B,' 97th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. View finding aid

Kendig, Corp. Henry Jr.  Letters, 1861-63 (in Society small collection, Collection 22B).  Company 'B,' 97th Pennsylvania Infantry. View finding aid

Keyser family memorabilia (Accession number 1989.20). Some items relate to James D. Keyser's Civil War service.

Kirk, Edward Needles.  Correspondence, January 1861-July 1863 (in Kirk family Papers, Collection 2005).  34th Illinois Infantry Regiment.

Krider, John; Joseph C. Crabb. Account book, 1863-1864 (Accession number 2003.056) The bulk of this extensive account book details sales of a large variety of small firearms. Krider sold all of the rifles most widely used by the Union Army during the War. 

Lochner, George W. Letters [some in German with translations] 1860-1864 (Collection 904). 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry.

Lloyd, Isaac, Lieutenant. Miscellaneous Civil War Papers (in Malcolm Lloyd Papers, Collection 1618).  92nd Regiment, 9th Pennsylvania Calvary, Company Il.

Lloyd-Hayward family papers, 1783-1981 (Collection 3053). Includes copies of letters from Malcolm Lloyd to Isaac Lloyd and originals and copies of Civil War letters from Isaac Lloyd to his parents.  View finding aid

Lynch, John Wheaton.  Letters  (Collection 1609).  Company 'C,' 106th PA Infantry Regiment. Lynch helped recruit for and served as first lieutenant of the 106th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers.  View finding aid

McAteer, Simon.  Diary, 1864 (Am .0985).  Company 'G,' 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

McCahan, Capt. Thomas S.  Diary, 1862-1864 (Am .6092).  Company 'M,' 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 92nd Regiment.

McCall, Maj. Gen. George Archibald.  Papers, 1861-1863 (Collection 1635).  Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps.

McCarter, William. “My life in the army” (manuscript) by William McCarter, 1875 (Am .6952). Company A, 116th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

McEloy, Henry. Pension papers, 1912-1980 (Accession number 2002.043) 9 items relating to McEloy's pension.  McEloy was a Corporal in Company B, 3rd Regiment of Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery during the Civil War.

McGown, James Milton.  Diary, 4 February to 15 November 1863 (Am .10123).  Company 'A,' 76th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.  McGown was wounded, captured at Ft. Wagner, South  in July of 1863, and died in Libby Prison, Nov. 27, 1863.

McKnight, Charles M.  Diary, 1864 (Am .0988).  Company 'K,' 88th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

MacManus, Susan Ritter Trautwine. Diaries, 1857-1881  (Am .1002)

Major family papers, 1836-1891, 1958, undated (Accession number 2007.037) Two scrapbooks of material from the Major family of Pottstown, PA.  Both Nelson W. Major (d. 1868) and Charles A. Major (d. 1867), who were probably related, served as volunteer soldiers during the Civil War.  Nelson eventually held the rank of sergeant of the 48th Regiment Company B, Pottsville, PA; Charles became 1st sergeant of the 90th Regiment Company B.

Manley, William H.  Letters, September 1861 to May 1862 (in HSP collection of Civil War Papers, Collection 1546, Box 6).  Company 'E,' 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. View finding aid

Margerum, Corp. Richard.  Letters, 1861-1864 (in Society autograph collection, Collection 22A).  Company 'H,' 71st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Markley, John H.  Diary, 15 August 1862 to 18 November 1863 (in Ferdinand J. Dreer autograph collection, Collection 175, Volume 47).  Company 'H,' 138th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Markoe family. Papers, 1773-1940 (Collection 1935). Includes General John Markoe’s Civil War correspondence and documents on his service in Virginia, his imprisonment at Richmond (1861-1862), and his role at the battle of Fredericksburg. View finding aid.

Mason, Capt. Herbert Cowpland.  Letters, April-December 1862 (in Society small collection, Collection 22B).  Company 'H,' 20th Massachusetts Infantry. View finding aid

Meade, George G. Collection, 1811-1897(Collection 410; see also MFilm E 467.1 M38 1995). Commanded the Pennsylvania Reserves and the Fifth Corps before leading the Army of the Potomac from 1863 until the end of the war. He then went on to act as the governor of the Reconstruction Third Military District in Atlanta, GA. View finding aid

Mervine, Charles R. Diary, 1862-1864 (Am .10385). Mervine was a sailor with the U.S. Navy, and this diary was kept by him while aboard the U.S.S. Powhatan, 1862-1864.

Moore, William Reed.  Typescript of Diary, 1861-65 (Am .10612) Company 'A,' 139th & 211th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiments. 

Mouat, David.  Reminiscences: "Three Years in the 29th Pa Volunteers." (in 29th Regiment PA Volunteer Papers, Collection 1808)  Company 'G,' 29th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Mullan, Edwin C. Letters, 1861-1864 (Accession number 000627.2) 34th Pennsylvania Regiment [Fifth Reserve] Company ‘F’.

Myers, William H. Typed transcripts of letters, 1861-1864 (Accession number 2004.021) 15 letters from William H. Myers, a Corporal in Company A of the 106th Pennsylvania Volunteers, to his parents.

Newhall, Walter S. Papers, 1862-1864 (Collection 1409). Company A, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry, 60th Regiment.

Nicholson, James B.  Diary (1862-65), kept while serving aboard the U.S. sloop, the Jamestown, 1862-1865 (Am .6968 & Am .69681.)

Norris, Henry (Hardman).  Letters, 10 September 10 1861-28 August 1862; 25 September 1864.  (in Cadwalader family Papers, Collection 1454, Box 391, folder 5) Quartermaster Sgt. 18th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment; (1st Artillery?). View finding aid

Olcott, William. Papers. (Accession number 2003.032) Photocopies of William Olcott's Civil War diary, a typed transcript, and two letters providing information about Olcott's life and military service.

Patterson, Robert Gen. Order book, May 29-July 31 1861 (Am .669).Pattison, Sgt. Joseph N. Typescript of "Diary of a Delaware Yank" (1864), edited by G. Earle Thompson (in Society miscellaneous collection, Collection 425) Company 'I,' Regiment [?]. View finding aid

Paul, Mickle Cooper.  Diary, 1864-1865 (Am .19256).  Transferred from Company 'B,' 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 65th Regiment, served with U.S.A. Signal Corps.

Payne, Sarah Pannill Miller.  Typescript of letters, 1865-1872 (Am .12358).

Philadelphia Fire Companies. Collection, 1818-1918 (Accession number 2002.103) Contains volume of various newspaper clippings, songs, and poems from the 1860s to 1880s about the Philadelphia Volunteer Firemen and the Civil War.

Price, Samuel.  (in Samuel Victor Barr Collection, Collection 1417) Price served with the Navy during the Civil War.

Quick, Lavington. Papers, 1847-1876 (Collection 532). Brigadier Surgeon. View finding aid

Rawle, Col. Wm. Brooke.  "Cavalry Fight of the Right Flank at Gettysburg: 1863-1912” reminiscences from both Confederate & Union Participants); Journal (1862-1865); and "A Reputation" by W.R. Rawle (June, 1902) (in Rawle family Paper, Collection 536) 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment  View finding aid

Reed, William W.  Diary, 1862 (Am .12938)  Company 'I,' 127th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Roberts, William Jr. Papers, 1831-1865.  (Collection 3069) 28th Pennsylvania Infantry.  View finding aid

Seckel, Edwin R. W.  Letters, April 1861-August 1864 (in Society autograph collection, Collection 22A).  Company 'A,' 51st & 197th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiments.

Sickel, Horatio G.  Postwar Letters. (in Claude Unger collection, Collections 1860A, Box Sh-Sl).Third Pennsylvania Reserves.

Shoemaker, Franklin.  "Diary of the Great Rebellion" (1862-67), a narrative summary of the Civil War.(Am .6703).

Smith, Corp. John L.  Papers, copies and originals, 1862-65 (Collection 610). Transferred from Company 'K,' 118th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (the Corn Exchange Regiment) to Company 'E,' 91st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Smith, Sgt. Thomas W.  Letters, 1862-1865 (Collection 1871).  Company 'I,' 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 70th Regiment.

Smoyer, Edwin B.  Letters, 1861-1865 (In Society autograph collection, Collection 22A).  Company 'B,' 1st Pennsylvania Reserve Cavalry.

Snowden, James Ross.  Diary, 1864-1865 (Am .1565)  Company 'I,' 23rd Pennsylvania Infantry & Company 'I,' 61st Pennsylvania Infantry & Company 'I,' 61st PA Infantry.

Spiehlman, Benjamin F.  Diaries, 1862-1865 (in Simon Gratz autograph collection, Collection 250A, Case 14, Box 22).  Company 'G,' 1st Pennsylvania Artillery, 122nd Regiment.

Stackhouse, William.  Diaries, 1863-1865 (Am .15975, Vols. 1-3).  Company 'B,' 119th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Stephens, Alexander H. Papers, 1858-1882 (Collection 627). Stephens served as vice president of the Confederate States of America. View finding aid

Stone, Frank S.  Letters, 1861-1865 (Collection 1565). Box 2 of the collection contains miscellaneous Civil War papers.

Sturgis, Abraham, Isaac & James.  Typescript of letters,1861-1864  (Am .2075). 1st Regiment, VA Cavalry (the Pennsylvania Dragoons), 85th Pennsylvania Infantry, 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Taylor, Col. J.P.  "Report to Brig. Gen. Stoneman, Army of the Potomac," 1863 (in Jones family Papers, Collection 1301).  1st Pennsylvania Cavalry. View finding aid

Thatcher, Isaac S.  Letters. (in Claude Unger collection, Collection 1860A, Box “Tha-Wag”).  Company 'H,' 8th New Jersey Infantry Regiment.

Truefitt, Capt./Major Henry P. Jr.  Letters/Papers (in Simon Gratz autograph collection, Collection 250B, under “T”). Company 'G,' 119th Pennsylvania Infantry. 

Unidentified Civil War Diary, January-December 1863 (Am .69555).

Voltaire, Louis.  Papers.  (in Society miscellaneous collection, Collection 425, Box 15A).  Company 'I,' 98th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. View finding aid

Walker, Lt. James H.  Diaries, 1861-1864 (Am. 1122).  Company 'E,' 81st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Wallen, Augustus Burd.  Letters, 1862-1865 (in Ferdinand J. Dreer autograph collection, Collection 175, alphabetical, filed under “Maker, Samuel S.”). 72nd & 183rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Wenrick, James E. Diary, 1864 (Am .66954). Captain; died as a prisoner of war. Company 'E,' 19th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Wilson, Elisha O. Letters, 1864-1869 (Accession number 000522.7).Elisha O. Wilson of Company F, 28th Pennsylvania letters to his wife Kate in Susquehanna Depot, PA. Also includes discharge papers and death payment.

Wister and Butler Families. Papers, 1700-2004, undated (Collection 1962). See Elizabeth R. Fisher Papers, Sarah Butler Wister Papers, and much more. View finding aid

Wistar, Isaac Jones, Journal, 1892 (Am .192). Reminiscences of his life before, during and after the Civil War. He served in the 71st regiment of the Pennsylvania Infantry, and retired in 1864 at the rank of Brigadier General of Volunteers.

Witmer, H. H. Diaries, 1858-1863 (Accession number 2004.053).4 volumes from Witmer while a boarding student from Paradise, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  In the last volume, he regularly reports events of the Civil War.

Wright, Thomas Cole. Pocket diaries, 1850-1854 and 1863-1864 (Accession number 2007.035) Letters from 1860s discuss his service in the Pennsylvania militia during the Civil War.

Wright, William Redwood. “Rush’s Lancers” (in Sydney Wright family Papers, Collection 2096).  6th Pennsylvania Cavalry.  Miscellaneous Civil War/post-Civil War military information, e.g. muster rolls, obituaries, copies of enlistments, etc.  

Misc. Manuscripts and Newspapers

Misc. Manuscripts and Newspapers

Miscellaneous Civil War-Related Records

"Naval, Military, Civil War," (in Jane Campbell scrapbook collection, Collection V71, Volume 59)  Newspaper clippings regarding Civil War hospitals, etc.

Camp Views of War of Rebellion (watercolors) by William McIlvaine, Jr., 1861-1864 (Bd 525 M 188). 80 watercolor and pencil drawings of Civil War scenes.

Citizens’ Bounty Fund Committee. Records, 1861-1887 (Collection 1558).Contains Civil War bounty papers, bounty certificates on individual soldiers, payment of bounties, and encouraged enlistments. View finding aid

Coles Family.  Papers, 1760-1921 (Collection 1458). Confederate currency, Box 1, Folder 2.

Confederate States of America. Currency, 1861-1864 (collection 1559).

Ferdinand J. Dreer Autograph Collection (Collection 175).  "Confederate Generals," Civil War Series 66-69 (8 boxes); "Confederate Officers," Civil War Series 69 (2 boxes); "Union Generals," Civil War Series 60-65 (eleven boxes) "Union Officers," Civil War Series 70 & 71 (3 boxes).

Furness, Horace Howard, collection on the Great Central Fair, 1861-1867 (Collection 224). View finding aid.

Grand Army of the Republic. Courland Saunders Post No. 21. Records, 1890-1923 (Collection 1574).

Grand Army of the Republic. Philip R. Schuyler Post No. 51. Records, 1874-1931 (Collection 1825). View finding aid

Grant, James.  The Flag & The Cross: A History of the U.S. Christian Commission (Am .7905).

Simon Gratz autograph collection (Collection 250A).  "Civil War: Confederate Generals," (and other officers); "Civil War : Union Generals."  Boxes 11-17 and 1-10 respectively; Gratz Alphabetical Series, "Civil War."

HSP Civil War Envelopes and Currency Collection, 1824-1900 (Collection 1605).

HSP collection of Civil War Papers, 1861-1902 (Collection 1546). Contains muster rolls, daily reports, order books, official government documents, personal and official correspondence, and other Civil War ephemera.  See below for specific examples. View finding aid

*HSP collection of Civil War Papers.  Confederate States of America miscellaneous papers,1861-1862(under Series 2, Collection 1546)

*HSP collection of Civil War Papers.  Enlistment certificates, Company 'G,' orders, muster rolls, etc., 1862-1864. (Collection 1546) Eastern Shore, Maryland Volunteers, 2nd Regiment

*HSP collection of Civil War Papers.  Muster rolls, 1862-1864 (Collection 1546)  Long Island Volunteers, Company 'K,' 1st Regiment (NY Volunteers, 67th Regiment).

*HSP collection of Civil War Papers. Record Books,1862-1863 (Collection 1546) Matthew Hasting Independent Keystone Battery.

*HSP collection of Civil War Papers.Record Books, 1861-1864 (Collection 1546) Company 'G,' 7th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps Volunteers.

*HSP collection of Civil War Papers. Inspection reports, 1864-1865 (Collection 1546)New York National Guard, 15th Regiment

*HSP collection of Civil War Papers. Records. (Collection 1546) Pennsylvania 96th Infantry Regiment.

HSP muster rolls collection, 1776-1865 (Collection 905, 2 volumes) Military Records of Berks County in the Civil War, 1861-1865. (These items were formerly cataloged under the call number Am .6965)

Life Studies of the Great Army (etchings) by Edwin Forbes, 1876 (Bd 525 F 692). Forty copper-plate etchings illustrating Army life during the Civil War.

Muster rolls of Virginia Horse Artillery (Confederate States of America), G. W. Brown’s Company, circa 1863 (in Leon Gardiner collection of American Negro Historical Society records, Collection 8, Box 10G, folder 15).

Pamphlets.  "Material for Gettysburg." (in A. A. Humphreys papers, Collection 304). View finding aid

Penn Relief Association records, 1862-1865 (Am .697) This organization was founded to help sick and wounded Civil War soldiers. A minute book from the collection is listed as “missing.”

Pennsylvania Militia, Company ‘D’ (Gray Reserves). Records, 1861-1951 (Collection 1964).

Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers. 42nd Regiment. Muster rolls, 1861-1863 (Collection 3443).

Pennsylvania Volunteers. 28th Regiment. Papers, 1861-1863 (Collection 2078).

Pennsylvania. National Guard. Infantry Regiment, 1st. Company ‘D.’ Records, 1861-1923 (Collection 1356).

United States Army Pennsylvania Infantry, 52nd Regiment. Papers, 1861-1864 (Collection 1626).

Pennsylvania 56th Infantry Regiment records (in Simon Gratz autograph collection, Collection 250B, under "Civil War").

Free Military School for Command of Colored Regiments register and scrapbook, 1863-1864 (Collection 1968)  Records of admissions to Free Military School (Philadelphia, PA); Colored Troops: Civil War (1863-65), officers of colored troops, etc.  [Camp William Penn]. (Items were formerly cataloged under the numbers AmS .51 and AmS. 511).

Rosenthal, Louis N. Lithographs, 1861-1863 (Collection 3128). 74 color lithographs depicting Union Army camps during the Civil War.

Sketches of Confederate Prisons (drawings) by Robert K. Sneden, 1863-1864 (Collection 3129). Eight mounted wash and ink drawings of Confederate prisons.

United States Army, 29th Pa Infantry Regiment. Papers, 1861-1926 (Collection 1808).

United States Sanitary Commission Philadelphia Branch collection, 1861-1875 (Collection 679). Includes a small amount of materials for other Philadelphia war-relief efforts, including the Pennsylvania Relief Association for East Tennessee and the Testimonial Fund for Major General David B. Birney.View finding aid.

Society Miscellaneous Collection

*Box 14-B

"Civil War: Conscription, official copies of draft regulations,"  Folder 4a;

"Civil War: Confederate Army Morning Reports,"  Folder 4b;

"Civil War: Letters & Articles"; Miscellaneous listing on card of Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, 60th Regiment, Folder 4c

"Civil War: 23rd & 29th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment; Miscellaneous Papers: desertion, ordinance office correspondence, etc., Folder 5.

Volunteer Refreshment Saloons

Hall, Edward S. Papers, 1861-1889 (Collection 256).Contains papers on the Cooper Shop Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (See also the "James LeBosquet Letters" in Society autograph collection, Collection 22A).

Samuel B. Fales collection of Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon papers, 1861-1886 (Collection 1580). View finding aid

Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon (Philadelphia) telegrams, 1861-1864 (Collection 2074).

Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon and Hospital records and scrapbook, 1861-1865 (Am .67040).

Manuscripts listed under "Civil War" in PC-7

Arnold, D. T.  Letters, 1862. Company 'H,' 90th Pennsylvania Regiment (also 88th).

George Albright Foreman Collection (Doc Box 12).  (See also copies of letters written by Arnold during the Civil War: FC Fo Box 25).

Carre, DeAngli H.  Letters to Margaret P. Carre of Philadelphia County,1 October 1862 to 26 October 1864 (Call number FC Ca).Company 'C,' Blue Reserves, 2nd Regiment, Reserve Brigade..

Cartledge, Sgt. Cyrus.  Civil War letters and discharge Papers pertaining to Cartledge, Joseph Wallens, and William H. Miller. (Doc Box 15)  Company 'E,' 91st Pennsylvania Infantry.

Dentler, H. Clay.  Letters, 1862-1863 (Herbert G. Gearhart Collection, Doc Box 3.1).  Company 'B,' 131st Pennsylvania Regiment.

Gulager Family Notes.  Civil War draft forms. (Doc Box 16).

Jones, Joe C.  Letters to his sister, Ellen Jones, of Philadelphia (Doc Box 18).  1st Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Keith, Zypha S. Collection.  Letter, 1863 (Keith family papers, call number FC Ke).Company 'B.' 4th Maine Infantry.

Lukens, John Lewis.  Letters to wife, Mary (1862-64), typescript/photocopies (Wyckoff family papers, Herman T. Lukens collection, call number FC Wy).  25th & 62nd Virginia Confederate Infantry.

Oestreich, Maurus.  Memorandum ,1861-1864 (call number Gen Oe 1).  Company 'B,' 96th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Oliver, George Powell (Surgeon).  Civil War Papers, 1862-1874.

Norris S. Oliver Collection (Doc Box 30:1).

Robb, Jonathan.  Letter,12 February 1864 from Camp Hill, Virginia (Doc Box 19).  62nd or 155th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Scheckler, Sgt. Daniel C.  Civil War Diary, 1 January 1864 to 8 June 1864 (call number Gen Sh 24).  Company 'M,' 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Wheeler, J. Herbert & Venus.  Muster Out Roll (call number YMisc .33). Company 'D,' 53rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. Called into service at Stevensburg, Virginia, 1863.

National Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA.  Civil War Soldiers Record of Internments, 1863-1867 (call number Ph 79A).

Somerset County, Pa Soldiers.  Military Discharge Records, Index, 1864-1968; Discharge Records, Vol. 1, 1862-1865 (Microfilm number XR 648).

State Archives of Providence, Rhode Island.  List of Persons Drafted in Rhode Island, 1863 (Microfilm number XR 609)  Several exemptions due to substitutes.

Riverview Cemetery, Trenton (Mercer County) New Jersey.  Civil War Veteran Burials (call number NJ Me 1A).

Civil War Newspapers at HSP

*Majority are in the "Civil War Folder," of newspaper collection (E-20-6), unless noted otherwise.    

The Advance Guard.  Vol. 1:1 (March 12, 1862).  Leesburg, Virginia.  (Published by the 28th Pennsylvania Regiment).

The American Union. (July 4-6th, 1861).  Martinsburg, Virginia.

The Army & Argus and Crisis* (Confederate Paper).  (June 4, 1864 - December 17, 1864: Vol. 1:1 to Vol. 1:29.  (Also called The Daily Army Argus & Crisis, Vol.1:13 (May 8, 1865): HSP call  number Tlb*.8851, one issue, in 'Civil War folder,' Gainesville, Alabama). Row E-20-7.

Berryville Conservator. Vol. 3:26 (March 12, 1862).  Berryville, Virginia.
Call number  Tlb* .8851, vol. 6.

The Boatswain’s Whistle. November 9-November 19, 1864. Published during the National Soldiers’ Fair held in Boston in 1864 and edited by Julia Ward Howe. Horace Howard Furness collection on the Great Central Fair (collection 224). View finding aid.

The Cartridge Box. Vol.1:1 to Vol.1:22 (March 5, 1864 - June 3, 1865).  York, PA.

The Cavalier.  (February 3, 1863 - December 7, 1863).  Yorktown, PA.  (This paper has many entries about Pennsylvania soldiers).

The Crutch (U.S.A.).  Vol. 1:19 to Vol. 2:71 (May 14, 1864 - May 13, 1865).  Annapolis, MD. 

The Daily Citizen (Confederate Paper). July 2, 1863.  Vicksburg, Mississippi.  (14 copies of the same date, on wallpaper).

The Fair Reporter.  (February 23, 25, 26, 1864).  York, PA.

The First Minnesota (1st Minnesota Regiment).  March 11, 1862.  Berryville, VA.

Forney's War Press (4 vols.).  Three bound volumes, Vol.1 (January 4, 1862 to November 7, 1863), Vol. II (November 14, 1863 to November 4, 1865), call   A-19-32 & A-19-33.  Also in Folder box, Vol. 1:4 (December 7, 1861) to Vol.2:6 (December 20, 1862); Vol.3:3 (November 28, 1863), call   F-2-2.  Vol. IV,  36 (July 15, 1865), pp's. 2-3, has an alphabetical listing of Pennsylvania soldiers who died at Andersonville Prison during the Civil War).  Philadelphia, PA. Row A-19 and E-13.

Frontier Scout (publication of Company 'I,' 30th Wisconsin Volunteers).  Vol. 1:3 (July 27, 1864). Fort Union, Dakota Territory.

Grand Army Scout & Soldiers Mail & Soldier's Mail (a GAR publication).  May 12, 1883 to December 11, 1886.  Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia Folder: G; Row E-13.

Grant's Petersburg Progress.  April 3, 1865.  Petersburg, VA.

The Hammond Gazette (Hammond General Hospital).  Vol.1:16 to Vol.2:43  (March 3, 1863 - September 7, 1864).  Point Lookout, MD. 

The Hoosier Newsboy (21st Indiana Regiment).  Vol.1:3 (May 27, 1862).  Algiers, Louisiana.

Hospital Register (Satterlee U.S. Army General Hospital, West Philadelphia), Vol. 2:1 to Vol.3:43 (August 29, 1863 - July 8, 1865). Call   Tl .8462, bound folio volume.

The McClellan Hospital Budget.  Vol. 1: 6 to Vol.2: 2 (December, 1864 - February, 1865).  Philadelphia, PA.

The Pa Fifth (Camp McDowell).  Vol.1, No's. 1 & 2 (June 10, 17th, 1861).  Alexandria, VA.  (Partially in German).

PA Thirteenth (Camp Tennally).  Vol. 1:11 (February 1, 1862).  Washington, D.C.

The Rebel (Confederate Paper).  August 9, 1862.  Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Sanitary Reporter.  Vol. 1:15 (December 15, 1863).  Louisville, Kentucky. Also, issues for May 15, 1863-March 1, 1864 are available in the Horace Howard Furness collection on the Great Central Fair (collection 224). View finding aid.

The Sanitary Commission Bulletin. New York. (Horace Howard Furness collection on the Great Central Fair (collection 224). View finding aid.

The Sixth Corps (Union Paper).  Vol.1:1 to Vol.1:2 (April 27, 1865 - April 28, 1865).  Danville, VA.

The Swamp Angel (Union Paper).  Vol.1:2 (May 26, 1864).  Morris Island, SC.

The Waterford News (Union Paper).  Vol. 1:1 to Vol. 1:8 (May 28, 1864 - April 3, 1865). Waterford, VA.

Zouave Gazette (19th Illinois Regiment).  Vol.1, 1 & Vol.1, 6 (November 7/23, 1861 and December 6, 1861).  Elizabethtown, Kentucky.